FBLA students have been busy this semester!

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Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students at PHS have been busy this semester! Congratulations to these students!
Check out what they have been up to:
September 16-18 - 8 PHS FBLA students participated with 350 students from the
state to learn leadership skills in Prescott, AZ
Oct & Nov - AZ FBLA sponsored an online testing tournament in over 31
different subject areas. PHS FBLA students earned the top 10 in 9 events.
October 21 - 13 PHS FBLA students joined over 900 students throughout Arizona
at the Coyotes Gila River Arena for leadership workshops and a hockey game.
Nov 3 - 1500 AZ FBLA students came together for workshops from business
leaders, colleges, and teachers. 6 of our students attended and Mr. Evans
was one of the presenters.
December 20 - PHS FBLA students will have a lunch-time holiday party.

Bud Evans, M.Ed, MBA

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